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Your Clothes Contain Bacteria. Here's the Proof!

Laundry Hygiene is very important with all the Hygienes that we are taking care of during the Pandemic. Not only the pandemic but also in normal routine life we take clothes washing, ironing, dry cleaning, etc. very lightly, ignoring the fact that clothes also transfer germs through touch if not washed properly.

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D.I.Y! Tricks to Wash your Clothes like an expert.

Cloth Washing is an art, like anything else, Similarly Washing Clothes right is an artist. You can simply wash clothes at home, but one should do it properly. It follows a technique to do so. We are going to help you wash your clothes efficiently for your clothes to stay with you for a longer duration and a hygiene purpose.

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CHAKACHAK! India's Leading Online Ironing & Laundry Service.

CHAKACHAK is a Start-Up online Laundry Service with its head office in Vadodara, Gujarat that provides us with the services like Wash, Iron, Dry Cleaning, Tailoring etc not only for clothes but also for household items. They have their own Mobile application for both Android & Apple and also provide Free Pick up & Delivery all over. So all you do is download the App, select the options and just pay for the services.

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Remove stains from your clothes! Items that help.

Tired of throwing your clothes off because they have caught stains which you can’t remove and then you end up throwing them in the trash. Let's help you with sustaining your clothes for a longer period so you can wear them & cherish them as much as you want.

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Chakachak focuses on the best Laundry and Ironing services at your doorstep for dirt-free and wrinkle-free clothes. The clothes are processed in the best-class technology setups at affordable prices. Chakachak is functional for students, working women, businessmen, senior citizens, and for the people who are in quest of laundry services with no flaws. Our franchises are operational in Vadodara, Surat & Ahmedabad. Chakachak is a reliable service station for Washing, Ironing, and Dry cleaning. Our effective services include a free Pickup and Delivery option on T&Cs.

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Being a working mom comes with its own unique set of challenges and responsibilities. It is impatient to work consecutively at the workplace and at home. And it becomes necessary to spend a little time for yourself and your family. We know laundry is dang time-consuming that you hate doing and it drives you to finish the heap of clothes. We got some hacks to relax you.

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We all have been there, a spill over a sip of coffee, a drop of ink on the pocket, bloodstain, food stains, etc. Do not panic. There are possibilities to get rid of stains, But do not always rely on given hacks, becuase it’s not sure that the stain will be removed from your cloth but for once try the hacks. Note important thing, don’t let your cloth be heated before the stain is removed.

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Look After Fabrics Adorned With Embroidery!

One of the great things is to read instruction labels on cloth that is specially designed to guide you through the washing of embroidery or special clothes. Embroidery clothes are delicate and beautiful to carry that need special washing attention. Preserve your sparkling dress with pro washing tips that will protect your delicate and decorative piece of cloth.

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Professional & Effective Laundry Services On Your Doorstep!

Laundry at home is a choice for most people. Clean laundry is a necessity for any household as well as an individual, but it is boring, time-consuming, and back-breaking. And then, there are times when you are packed up with your busy work schedules that leave you too worn out to do your laundry. Are you stuck in these chores too? Worry not! Now is the time to make easy fixes for everything, and make your laundry easier & simpler with a digital take on that receives & delivers at your doorstep.

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